Wednesday, July 8, 2015

adult responsibilities

Three nice mellow days.


Slept in. Let my body rest. Sat in the sun and listened to podcasts. Just took it nice and easy. Also made a doctor’s appointment! Go me being an adult and stuff!


Another mellow day. It was a little bit colder so I got a good sleep, instead of thrashing about all sweaty. Had some noodles and then met Ma & Pa at Pho T&N and had more noodles! The Pho place redecorated and it looks nice. Nothing new to report to mom and dad, but they had some stuff to deliver to me so we met up. If I don’t order stuff, when ever will I see them?

Then we saw Spy, and Ma giggled throughout. Dad also got a few good guffaws. It was still good the second time around. Two thumbs up for Spy!

Got home at night and tucked into bed at a reasonable hour.


Got out of bed late. Had a small breakfast and coffee in my new Things I Bought at Sheetz mug (you know that youtube show I’m an associate producer for?). Then I dug up this old RedBubble gift certificate that I never cashed in and took a gander at stickers. I didn’t order any, but wow I could get a lot of stickers!!

I did some work from home too. eBay drafts and whatnot.

I also looked up the steps to getting a Washington license and it looks like I don’t even need to take the test again, so I may just go to the Port Townsend DMV tomorrow and get that sorted. I’ll do my makeup all pretty and look legit. So long California ID, hello Washingtonian once again!!

Watered plants. My house still feels weird after having all the guests. So many minor rearrangements make massive differences.

Listened to podcasts. My time suddenly got busy with Marcus coming to hang out on Friday and a Bodi weekend and other plans. Nice to be busy! And I reconnected on Facebook with Yasuaki, one of my Japan host mother’s sons. The one I hung out with and saw the bodies exhibit in Kanazawa with. 

That was ten years ago!!

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