Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth with Friends and Family

The 4th of July felt like a really good success! It was a long, busy, fun day with plenty of good company and I’m still tired from it all!

Heather and Daniel arrived at just a bit after 10. I celebrated their arrival with sparklers. And we shot off roman candles across the clear water after dark. That was fun. The water and stones under the water were illuminated. And we stayed up late chatting and drawing and it’s so great to hang with friends.

Heat woke us up early. I got coffee going and we walked down to the beach and caught up with Ma and Pa. It was decided we’d take a quick swim before breakfast, so we got our swimming gear on and in we went! It was a nice, quick dip and the water was perfect. Warm enough with a few cold patches to remind us of what we are truly in.

Dad made poached eggs on toast, but sans the usual melted cheese. Perfectly poached goodness enjoyed on the porch. We did a bit more hanging out. Heather and I walked along the beach. Well, we walked IN the water along the beach. I pointed out a starfish and decorator crabs. When we got back to the house, there were snacks and hot dogs. We ate heartily. Justin and Jen arrived at around 1pm and we got to greetings and more hot dogs and a couple beers. Then it was time for the second swim! The serious swim! Daniel and I brought down the paddle boat. Justin and Jen kayaked, Mom kayaked, Dan kayaked, I floated on the inner tube, and did some snorkeling (after I got my snorkel from Mom, who was using it), and drank beer in the tube (in a can, not a glass) and chatted with Heather and generally enjoyed being oh so very warm in the sun. I hauled in the gear, took a hearty shower, and greeted Amy and Linda and Ryan and Sister Pine and Taylor and Reed! And then it was a full party, with a smorgasbord of healthy veggies and meats and salad and crab to put on the salad and skewers (I was full before I could get to a skewer) and later in the evening, after playing with Reed and Taylor (Amy and Ryan’s kids) (after they had got their swim in) we had apple pie and ice cream and chocolate cake. A marathon of food.

Heather and Daniel departed us early, but it was wonderful to have them up if oh so briefly. They’re great people, and Heather is an honorary Pedersen-Spencer.

After food was consumed to bursting point, we washed dishes (Sister Pine helped me dry and put them away) and toys were put away and finally we agreed that YES it was time to launch fireworks! Down to the beach we went. I gave smoke bombs to Taylor and Reed and had them place them and then I would light them (safety!) and I gave out sparklers. Dad pulled in the raft so that we could use it as a launching platform. I was his helper. Celia contributed a few fountains, and a few were very uber! It was a good blend of Roman Candles and fountains going PEEWW ZCHEEWWWW ffzzzzt BOOM and the six mortars I bought going way way up and way way bright! First year we had those, and to great effect. They encompassed the sky and got applause. At the end I was like “who wants more?” and I got applause and I said “I can’t hear yoooou!!!” and got more applause and repeated “I can’t hear yooou!” and got even MORE applause, and after a finale cheer after a finale demand of “I CAN’T HEAR YOUUU!!!” I lit the last fountain, though in truth the last firework will never be as good as the second to last firework.

What an amazing night! Kids were up past their bed time, I burnt my thumb on the lighter and banged my toes on the bolt on the raft, we all ate so much, and met new people, and met old friends, and yeah. It was just wonderful and the right amount of people and everyone got along. Wonderful.

The people who slept over with Jen and Justin, Ma and Pa, and me in the house by myself. I woke up tired and sore and lay still in bed for a while, and coffee didn’t wake me up, and an energy drink didn’t wake me up. Only a late afternoon nap really revived me.

Breakfast was an egg casserole with left over veggies and shrimp (yum!) with scones (YUM!) and watermelon (I assume yum) and jam on the scones. Wonderful after party food.

Jen took another dip, I sat and chatted with Justin, Ma and Pa packed up, I did some drawings and gave them to J & J. They departed. Ma and Pa departed. I realized Taylor left a bag but they were still at Linda’s cabin so I departed and dropped off the bag (it had a glasses case and library books, so important stuff!) and some sparklers because I’m a good influence on kids like that. I got to pet Gabriel, Linda’s dog, some more. Sweet lil puppy.

Then back to my house for some major relaxation. What a perfect holiday! Outside of me getting a few injuries, and Daniel also getting a few cuts, nothing went wrong.

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