Monday, July 13, 2015

catastrophe is a good show

Saturday & Sunday:

Slept in much too late. Had ample servings of buffalo chicken over rice. Pretty good little meal I crock potted! Though I'm due for another food run soon. Maybe I'll leave the house and go to Trader Joe's tomorrow (Monday).

Worked on stuff from home. Lots of eBay in autopilot listings. Watered plants that needed watering. Washed dishes. Read comics. I need to make a trash run too. I have food in my fridge that needs tossing but I don't want to have too much food garbage sitting in the trash. Yeah. Dump run soon needed.

Hmmm pretty mellow weekend, but I absolutely need to leave the house.

Ma & Pa, let me know if any more mail has arrived? I'm waiting on three things, though two should be here within this week. The third hasn't been mailed out yet.

Good night peeps, be well.

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