Sunday, December 7, 2014

light red/blood orange


After sleeping in, I had an oatmeal and coffee breakfast and set up my tree. I did use the little onzen tub as per Dad's suggestion. With a brick, it gave my Christmas tree enough weight. I found a string of lights, but it's weird because half the strand blinks on and off, and the other doesn't! I added some bead strands, and ornaments. It'll be an ongoing decoration process. The tree is flat on one side, so it fits perfectly against the side of my couch end table. I moved the green chair over so it's now a second fireplace chair. It's a bit of a squeeze to get by the stripey chair, but it's all good.

Aaron came over for the day. We ate pasta, drank beer, sat by the fire, played Scattergories, and hiked on the property. Lovely time.


Slept in. It's very nice how the climate has warmed up a bit. I can tolerate 40 degrees, but 30? Bah! I need to make an eggs run.

I headed in to Quilcene with Celia and we browsed one of the antique's market. I found a blood orange pleather jacket that was quite fashionable. Very cute! She found an English garden shovel priced way below what it was worth (five bucks). Huzzah!

Back at home, I cleared out the spice shelf of all 20th century spices and made room for my Aero Press. I dumped the expired spices in my compost. I watched some telly. Ate some pasta. Listened to podcasts. Added decorations to tree. It's all good. Working from home tomorrow. Have some things to sort out.

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