Thursday, December 11, 2014


Oops! Slacking on blogging, but the past two days were working days. Monday I worked from home uploading photos to the site and whatnot. Just hung out at home and sat on the couch and blazed the fire and the house got oh so hot. Too hot almost. It's warmed up. 55 degrees. Very nice. Much better than it being frozen over, but it's also very stormy. Just so much constant, heavy rain. Is this worse than usual?

Tuesday the power came down in the morning, but after I had showered so that's good. I still managed makeup by the light of a lantern and table mirror. I got coffee on the way to work though, as I was so tired. The storm kept me up.

Photographed antiques and turned off the low stock notifications on the site. I left a bit early to spruce up the store and run an errand, and then I went to Suquamish to meet Aaron for dinner...at his place! He was cooking, and he can cook better than me. Which isn't saying all that much, but still! It was pork loin and cous cous and a side salad and a reduction sauce. A REDUCTION SAUCE! I was impressed. And his dog Banjo is super cute and lively, though wow it sure thinks it is a lap dog when it isn't. Banjo is a bit smaller than Corbie. So yeah, had a nice dinner but I was tired and didn't stay late. Sucks about being an hour plus apart. Can't just pop over to hang out. Gotta plan. Sigh.

Today I deposited my paycheck (yesterday I sent off my bills) and then did a much needed grocery run. I dropped off my recycling at Dosewallips, which was largely flooded in all the park bits of the park. I saw more rain in Mississippi, but there were breaks in the thunderstorm and it lasted a day.

Now I gotta make a trash run some time.

I worked more from home, and I still have work to do tomorrow at home. So I don't have to drive in yonder rain.

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