Sunday, November 16, 2014

OKC but not the city with the cool museum

I rejoined OKCupid and I'm already over it. Well besides two guys that initially don't seem like sociopaths.

Yesterday I made a food run while hungry and bought some junk food, but not too much. I got chili fixings and bread fixings. Made the bread, which took all day. Time to make and knead. Time in front of the fire. I found the bread pans after it was baked (they were behind the crock pot). It was denser than I'd like it. Next time maybe I'll do one loaf...or rise it properly.

Today Ma & Pa came over! I made chili in the afternoon and it was well crockpotted by dinner. It was a bit spicy and meaty for Mom's tastes. We played Uno and Dabble and Ma, Pa, and Celia watched Casino Royale. I hovered for some of the better scenes but wow that is a long movie!

I don't really know what else to say. Mellowed at the house. Got food. Ate food. Now it is 9pm and Ma and Pa are in bed and my computer is up here so I guess I have to go to bed too??