Thursday, November 20, 2014

column a column b column uhhgggblawhhh

Two more days of working from home and I've gone all cross eyed from all the data entry holy cow all this will be much easier on the second go around!

My back hurts too. Yard work did it in. It is feeling much better today but still, waaah! I don't like being in pain. My flesh is weak from the inactivity. I'll say that about being a screenprinter: I was sturdy in Santa Cruz.

Ate left over chili. Had some udon. Drank tea and coffee and hydrated and took a hot soak.

I offered to work on the weekend just so we can really knock out this store stuff. And since I asked for Wednesday off (well off from working on site) I want to get the hours in now, so that come Friendsgiving I can really go for it. Whoo.

Also I'm meeting someone tomorrow after work. An online date someone. A geologist of sorts. So if I vanish, that's where you should start investigating.

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