Monday, September 15, 2014

waarrkkkk says the seal

I really need to get back into the habit of blogging.

So! Tonight is my first night at Pulali all by myself. But that is getting a few days ahead of myself.


Went into town with dad and did some shopping and accompanied him when he got some new glasses. Earlier in the day, I helped Ma and Pa make many quarts of apple juice. I fell right into the rhythm of putting the slices into the cuisinart and pulping them, and then putting the pulp into the press. It seemed to go faster, though we did spend many hours making the good stuff. Many manys make light work I suppose.

At 7ish I departed for Tacoma to see Meghan for her birthday! I arrived early when she and her boyfriend had gone to grab some stuff for the party. She didn't anticipate people arriving on time (only three other people were on time like I was). Met a good amount of people whose names I've forgotten, but they were all really nice and easy to talk to. My trip now gives me so many frames of reference for places people are from and various things. I.e. "what exactly is Wall Drug?"

I saw a bit of the northern lights. It was just a few tendrils of green. Not totally epic, but not too shabby.

I got very congested by the smoke of the fire. It really made my eyes water and my nose run something awful. Meghan has loaned me a nice hankie, which I will hold as ransom till she comes and visits me at Pulali.

Saturday & Sunday:

I packed up my clothes, my technology, my girly soap, and all my other things. Mom and Dad drove off first in their Prius, and a little bit later I drove off in mine. I put some gas in the tank. Nice to not be filling up every day. My first unpacking wave will be the Santa Cruz stuff. That is a nicely paired down assortment of my stuff. Fewer clothes, fewer books, though a jumble of organization. Once I get that sorted, then I can work on the stuff that didn't make the Santa Cruz cut. More books, more clothes, more this and that.

Celia made a spicy lamb stew for dinner. It was good, though very hot to eat. I'm better with spicy though not that much better.

Linda and her friend Barbara joined us (and Celia of course) for breakfast. French toast, bacon, many juices, fruit, cheese. Lots of good stuff and conversation about Cape Verde, where Barbara was a Peace Corps leader.

In the afternoon, Ma and I got in kayakas, Celia in a row boat and Dad went trawling for fish. He didn't catch any, just puttered back and forth. Dinner was early and was several salads and meat discs (disc of meat? what was my quip again?) and Ma and I made a food run to stock my pantry for the near future. Then we three chilled out with books till it was time to go to bed.


Ma and Pa departed early and I slept in a bit more. Then I got up, made a to do list, had a muffin and some tea, and got to to-doing it! Organized more clothes, set out the printer and scanner, folded laundry, organized towels, unpacked this and that, more unpacking, put my old work hoodies in a plastic bin, had pasta for a late lunch, hung a few pieces of art work...it's coming along. I have my Tetris shelves up, in a high vertical arrangement. I commandeered a little bit of a mostly unoccupied shelf for the initial books I've pulled out of storage.

Just gotta keep working on it, and keep an eye on my phone while I wait to hear about getting an interview. I think I'll write a new to do list with things undone from today on it, and some new things, and keep working at crossing off those things!

I need to make up a chart of regular house & estate chores. Like watering the garden every few days, doing this thing every day, this thing every week. It's a lot of responsibility!

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