Friday, September 19, 2014

Trillians gunna Trill

Got an interview on Wednesday! Whoooo!!

It was a rainy gray day. Not used to them just yet after all the sunshine of California. Still feels a bit special to experience. It'll probably feel not special after a solid week.

13 seals on the raft! It was riding low in the water.

I finished reading Relish by Lucy Knisley. Other Trillian not only has the same comic, but it is illustrated/signed by Lucy! Mine is fish & chips, hers is piroshki. 

No Celia tonight. Just me and my comics and texting people. Texting helps keep the lonelies at bay.

Crossed a few things off my to do list. Always good to keep that on task. I'll work on doing more things off it tomorrow. Things are pretty scattered around the house right now. I want to get it more squared away, just for personal aesthetics and visiting relatives...shouldn't deal with my clutter.

Don't worry Mom, I haven't wrecked it!

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