Tuesday, September 16, 2014

trying to get back to the daily thing

I'm watching The Bourne Identity for the first time and it's so out of date, it's funny in some places. The old computers, the lack of smart phones, just...the datedness of an action movie that is now over a decade old. Ha. Also couldn't she cut and dye her own hair? Really? She could do that that herself.

I solved a Where's Waldo puzzle while eating my oatmeal and drinking my tea.

I hauled the empty tubs up to the garage. I hauled down sheets and some books. I watered the plants and put a little W on the calendar to mark when and that I did it. I swept the deck. I put the red shelf in a space in the closet. The things I have are smaller things. Nothing to really make a dramatic change to any one area. Like I don't have a big bright area to rug to counteract all the beige and brown and general fadedness of the house. My sense of decor leans to the bright. At least the walls have been painted yellow.

No word about an interview. Hopefully early tomorrow?

Had a scramble for a late lunch and bagel and shmear for small dinner and ice cream for dessert.

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