Thursday, September 18, 2014

oh hey there goes Wednesday

I think I'll work up the nerve tomorrow to call if they don't by the afternoon.

I can print colorful resumes with my printer, so that's something at least! I took down my sheets and some odds and ends from my various tubs of junk. It rained today so the watering of plants was super unnecessary. I had a scramble for breakfast and drank a pot of tea while sitting outside reading. That was a nice time. Right now I need to organize all the stuff I've taken into the house before I add anymore to it. Ebbs and flows.

Celia made burgers for dinner, and we drank tea and watched the first episode of The 10th Kingdom. Nice to have some company. Knowing someone is right there helps, considering how quiet and isolated it is out here.

When I look up "job listings in my area" I keep getting Kitsap and Seattle. NO! I don't want a 2 hour commute and I don't want to commit to Kitsap right now. Give me Olympic Penninsula!

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