Monday, August 25, 2014


I'm at Serenity's. It is Monday afternoon. I'll soon start packing up to head off to meet Mom and Dad in Washington for some camping, and then that will be that. This trip is coming to its close. And it is closing in a great way. These past few days in Portland have been wonderful. I met Trillian V.G. for brunch at City State Diner for brunch. I had french toast. We talked Trillian things and art and similarities and puns and other things. We had a brewski at Beulahland and arrived right as some sort of sports was finishing up. There were sketchbook drawings and a photobooth photo was taken to commemorate the event of the first Trillian Summit.

I met up with Mel and we roamed this vintage store, then we went to her place and I met her dog Rita. We went over to the west side and got Sushi Ichiban, which is the sushi that arrives on train and you pay by the plate. We played tic tac toe with someone else by putting the game on the train as it went about and they would pick it up and make a move and put it on the train and it would make the loop around all the tables. Very fun! Powell's remodeled the front, so I got to check that out. It's much more shiny and ... well shiny. I oogled the books but did not buy any. Mel got some great deals on books of various collections. We headed back to hers and hung out there for the rest of the evening. Had brewskis. Tabitha came over. I met Alain, Mel's boyfriend. We all watched Drunk History. I returned to Serenity's late, but that was okay because I met Toon (my first roommate) at 1pm for brunch the next day so staying up didn't affect my timing all that much. Toon and I caught up over more diner food, which is the best food let's be real. Then we watched Drunk History and I saw Ibanez, who has gotten a bit paunchy over the years. She showed me the light show backdrops she has been working on.

At 5 I met Chris at Roadside Attraction. Chris moved out of my Newport house in Santa Cruz when I was moving in, and we've stayed in touch because he is a cool dude. It was an open hang out invite, but he was the only one who hung out. And he was invited along to a pasta dinner at Serenity's. Jessica, Wintry, Serenity, Turner, Me, Chris. Good bunch of people. We watched Little Shop of Horrors because it is the best movie.

I'm currently a bit on call to maybe give a life to Morgaine to take her dog to the vet. I met BT for coffee at Courier Coffee. Put gas in my car. Well didn't put gas in my car because you can't pump your own in Oregon. Someone else put the gas in my car, and he liked my ice cream sandwich sticker.

So soon I'll be heading out and up and over into Washington and this chapter is wrapping up.

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