Friday, August 29, 2014



Slept in and when I woke, Ma & Pa were gone on shopping errands. So I moped about in my pajamas till they came home. I made myself breakfast, but there was a second breakfast of poached egg on toast with melted cheese! Yay! In the afternoon we ran some rope buying errands. I got a replacement rope for my bag. It frayed and snapped at Yellowstone. The new rope is slick yacht rope, and not my bag opens and closed much better! I saw the new sailboat, the Elendil. Very cute. I'm looking forward to sailing on it. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Enjoyable a second time around, and a first time for Mum and Dad. At home we ate leftovers and relaxed. Already my entries are much shorter than they have been.


Met Karen for sushi in Bremerton! Sushi and gyoza and a side of rice and catching up. Mostly catching up on my end. We need to meet for lunch again and have more discourse. We barely scraped the surface. But now I'm back here, so it shall happen. I picked up some chocolate at Amy's Decadent Chocolate and returned home. I helped stack firewood with Dad. Dinner was chowder and oh Mom makes great chowder! Then we all sat about and read and did computer stuff. I've been watching telly. Catching up on this and that.

Need to go have some adventures because dang, two days and two paragraphs! But I've mellowed at home for a while before. Moving to Pulali will be a new thing. Did I mention that? I'm moving into the Pulali house and I'll be looking for work over yonder.

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