Wednesday, August 27, 2014

back in the 'Beck

I need to get back int he daily blogging habit, now that I have regular access to wifi! Wifi, a bath, a bed, food. All that good stuff. I am in Seabeck, Washington for the next few days. Then I pack up and go to Pulali and drop my things off there, and then I go down to Santa Cruz, get my stuff, and come up and settle in and then I go and find a job so I can buy things! And pay bills!

My parents were camping at Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams in Washington and I set out on the 25th to meet them. I went up I5 then over onto 90 and then 23, and boy were the roads bad! Just miles of dirt washboard. Way worse than Theodore Roosevelt NP. Come on! My poor car, it has been through so much and right here at the end, this? But I got to the campsite and was greeted with much enthusiasm. We had ribs for dinner and cocoa and did a bit of kayaking on the lake and there was an osprey.

I set up my tent and slept in there, instead of in my parent's motorhome. A nice conclusion to the trip. One final use before it gets put away for a little while. It has served me well, if only I could have pitched it more often. I was woken up on the 26th to a plate of bacon coming through my tent flap. Mom knows me so well! I got up for pancakes, and we took a little stroll to the lava flow and meadow. Up on the flow was a gorgeous view of the areas and the mountains. Glad to be back in Washington.

I was first to depart. Got some gas and the gas station had cheerwine! Booyah! Gas and snacks and away I went. Not many hours of driving to do. Got a speeding ticket. 66 in a 55. I was unsure what the speed was and was keeping pace with the rest and I got nabbed out of the lot. I think I'll ask for a court date. I have the time to show up whenever and argue it down. Clean record, first infraction, and I thought it was 65. 48 states and I get the ticket in Washington! Bah! Oh well.

So I5, then 101, then 3? I suppose. Allyn towards Bremerton then into Seabeck and home. Did laundry. Unpacked. We ate dinner and went to bed.

Today, the 27th, I gave my car a lengthy car wash. I worked hard to scrape the bug splat off. It was really securely on there. But oh on a whole my car looks so much better! And it will be tops once I can empty it out and give it another vacuum. It's not many miles from a quarter million now. I helped Dad with the electrics of the van. He said that if he took a trip like mine, he'd be sleeping for three days.

Dinner was clams and garlic bread with garlic butter popcorn for dessert. We watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale and oh they are all such precious darlings. I wish they could all win! Such great talent.

Oh I also went into town with mom for groceries.

So a few more relaxing days in Seabeck. And by relaxing I'll be helping out around the house and with getting the van ready to tow a Uhaul up from Santa Cruz.

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