Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm wearing green, don't pinch me

Full day of work, whoo! Counted out a huge order of sweatshirts. There are some sweatpants to go with the order as well, but I ran out of room for them. Only so much room in the studio for things. I finished taping up screens. I burned some screens. I cleaned stuff. Caught a job. The weather was nice. I helped Jeff get hats into hoops for embroidery.

We got lotsa sweatshirts to print in the next few days! Big job! Whooo!

At home I made a grocery run and listed stuff I needa get done soon:

  • oil change
  • clean inside of car
  • scrub mildew in bathroom
  • sweep and vacuum downstairs
  • paint painting for Nate's birthday
Had some gyoza for dinner. And some chips.

So very tired still from the busy fun weekend!

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