Friday, March 21, 2014

getting behind in the list

Another full day! I had a sluggish start but I got ramped up as it went along. I weeded and heat pressed a few things. I caught. I burned. I coated. I cleaned. It was a lovely warm day. Spring is here! Hopefully we get spring showers. Boss is off the Vegas but there is still work to be done. Counting out type work. Sorting work. Cleaning and reclaiming work. Still. Good to do the work when there is the space to do it! The back table at work is almost entirely empty, which is awesome. So much room for work.

I also got to run a special work errand: dropping a package off at FedEx! Whoo! That was exciting. And I got there before the driver arrived, so it's on it's way tonight!

Annnnd I did nothing with my night. Oops! I'm behind on things. I've got... well tomorrow I wanna go out to the movies.

I'll get some stuff done. Gotta get it done.

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