Wednesday, March 19, 2014

clean sweep

I have 43,000 pageviews on this blog! Amazing! Though most of them are probably the same four people checking 10k times each over the years.

Work was better today. I caught and boxed a massive job. 15 boxes, and we aren't even to the sweat pants! I also reclaimed a bit, mixed some ink, burned and taped screens. A nice full shift.

I did three loads of laundry tonight! THREE! I washed my work shirts and bathroom hand towels (hot whites cycle) and my pants and work sweatshirts (hot darks cycle) and all the rest (cold delicate cycle for colored shirts and unmentionables). I ate some pasta for dinner and swept and vacuumed. So I got that done. Still need to tend to my car stuff and the mildew. But hey, I didn't do nothin'!

Now I wanna sit in bed and read. Really loving my kindle.

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