Sunday, March 16, 2014

hootie and the trillfish


Only had two tasks today at work: finish the jerseys and sort the work branded shirts. I came in early to get the jerseys done early. Weeding all the names for the heat transfers takes forever! But I got them done. It was just me in the studio. Kara was there for a bit, as was Jeff in embroidery. But it was just me in the main part.

Our work branded shirts needed a major organization overhaul. Plus they just needed to be refolded and sorted by size. We have so many XL tees. So I folded them all. And pulled all the old designs. And sorted the sizes and put the newly printed stuff on top. Took a lot of time. The sort of thing that is best done when no one else is in the studio so I could take up all the space and spread out. Ended up being a full days worth of work! And since I got in early, I was out early and had time to enjoy the lovely day!

So nice weather right now in Santa Cruz. SO nice. I accompanied Tara on a downtown errand and got some froyo for dinner. Then I watched Hannibal and other TV and went to bed early and slept in.


Odd Owl is playing at the El Rio tonight! I wasn't planning on going but since I can crash on the floor at Carmen and Josh's, I decided to go! But first: earlier in the day.

Slept in. Took a long shower due to the time it takes to wash my hair. Had some tea and creme cheese and celery. Walked down to the mall area and went to Ross and found a new pair of simple flats. My other simple flats are on their last steps. Then I went to Chipotle and got a burrito. It filled me right up! Yum. I'm glad I wasn't spoiled on burritos in my youth.

I got my cool clothes on and packed up my car for the night (bringing some reclaimed screens to Carmen). Swung by Trader Joe's and got some coconut water and used that purchase as an ATM for cashola for tonight (instead of going to an ATM and paying bucks to use the right and not getting anything in return). Had an easy drive up with minimal traffic. Sun was in my eyes though.

The Show:

I accompanied Carmen down to the El Rio and watched the stuff while she found parking. The El Rio has a narrow side venue and a back patio with lots of space. Nice place. This guy hit on me a little bit, but his American Psycho patch put me right off. I did a very good job of pacing my alcohol intake. Gold stars for me! I generally can pace myself the easiest with whiskey. Nothing hidden by mixers. Anyhoo!

The first band up was not a band, just the lady Katie Day. She played the guitar and the keyboards and did a cover of Remix to Ignition with backup dancers. She was lovely.

Adam, the drummer for Odd Owl, has a baby boy! Last time I saw Odd Owl, Vanessa wasn't pregnant. And now there is a baby. Time flies!

Odd Owl came on next and they were awesome as always. Got to hear a few of their newer songs, which I haven't heard live yet. Awesome. I was groovin' up near the front.

Ben, the drummer for Echo and Maw, called me Tricia McMillan. I told him we were instant friends because of that.

Echo and Maw were neat too! I bought their CD. They had a keytarist. They did a cover of Wrecking Ball and the audience sang along. Great crowd, lotsa energy.

I helped guard the equipment once again, and it was brought back to the space. We got back to the house at the wee early hour of 3am. Awesome.


Has a slow start. Drank lotsa water and had a bit of muffin. Watched Breaking Bad with Carmen and showered. Erin, Josh, Carmen, and I set out to find brunch. We drove through Golden Gate Park and saw the buffalo! The wait at the Beach Chalet brunch place was an hour! There was a line just to get your name on the list! So we opted out. Did I mention Erin is pregnant? Lots of pregnancies! Anyway. We found our way to Eats in the Inner Richmond area. A bit of a wait, but it's all good. A lovely day, but we were seated inside and in a place where a chill kept creeping over us. I had a bacon avocado tomato scramble and it was tasty. Not mind blowing but still good.

We coated a screen before we left, and we burned it when we got back, but it didn't wash out right so we coated a second screen to burn. That one washed out just fine, and it was set to dry. It was a later start than intended, but it's great to be in the City and hanging with people. The posters look so awesome! The colors look really slick and the teal/red one just POPS. Carmen noted that from the distance you see the ODD OWL text, but up close you see the owl lady. It's a nice dynamic. So we got the deluxe owl lady posters done, and then we did the drum head. Which required special fumey ink and holding the screen in place over the drum head and making sure it doesn't smudge and then quickly cleaning everything up with turpentine (well turpentino or some sort of alternative to turpentine). We did it in one and it looked AMAZING and then bam right into cleaning. We kept things well ventilated but still I feel like I'm missing parts of 8th grade from my memory. Oh well, it was just 8th grade.

But yeah, very successful printing!

9:30ish I headed south. Got home safe and sound and wow I am pooped. Time to sleep and then take on another week!

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