Thursday, July 18, 2013

yay for shoes, boo for everything else

The landlord came by with a realtor and contractor to look the place over a bit more, and they talked loudly about what they'd have to do and what needs to be done and all this stuff. Looks like we'll be getting the two months "move out" notice soon. I love living in this house. It's the right amount of space. I really like my housemates. I like the closeness to downtown. I just really like it and don't want to move. Don't want to foot the expenses of moving. Don't want to look for a new place.

Just don't want any of it.

So I worked on my leftovers, drank a Guinness, and now I'm trying to figure out which candy to eat first. Eating my emotions basically.

My new shoes arrived. Did I mention I finally bought a new pair of 'Roos for work? The price on Zappos dropped a bit. Poor things they just don't stand a chance.

At work we finished off the stack of shirts. I put on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and there was a fun moment of Andrew double taking and saying, "did he just say Trillian?". We almost finished the whole book! Granted it is only about 5 hours long, but still. Yay for listening!

I broke down the press and cleaned the squeegees and floodbars and removed the tape from the screens. So tomorrow we will print a smallish job, get the backs set up on the big job, and get ready for next week.

Came home to the landlord stuff.

Have the feeling I'm forgetting stuff.

I need like two weeks of no obligations, no tasks, no nothing to be done about anything so that I can reset. It's been too busy, but it won't stop being busy till this month is over and even then who knows what August will bring.


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