Wednesday, July 17, 2013

audiobooks in the queue for all to enjoy

Holy guacamole I'm beat!

Work was an endeavor of catching. It isn't hard but it is repetative and you just look at piles of shirts and KNOW you have hours left to work. But at the end I put on The Waste Lands on the stereo for Jeff and I to listen to (he requested an audiobook and I know he has read the Dark Tower series). Though I really dislike the narrator, so I may start something else tomorrow instead. Maybe Hitchhiker's Guide, because...DUH.

Finished one job and boxed it. Started the BIG 1500 piece job. Got about 1/3 of the way through it. I just had to take a second shower when I got home. Even my sweat was sweaty.

Theeeeen I met up with Ryan, Marina, and James to see Pacific Rim. Which was just as cool the second time around.

Now I'm back home and very tired. Off to bed with me!

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