Wednesday, July 17, 2013

winners and by proxy winners

Had a really good day! Work was largely spent catching a job, but I also helped clean squeegees and set up the job and other job stuff. It went by relatively fast, though I was hungry by the end. Morale is high and there is a good level of camaraderie. We've got two HUGE jobs to complete, but we shall do just that and it'll be awesome.

Back at home I relaxed for a bit. Changed out of my work clothes. On Zappos, Roos dropped in price so I finally caved and ordered a new pair of work shoes. Hate to doom them, but I've almost worn through the black sole on my current pair. Still have the white rubbery bit, but something tells me that that part isn't meant to be walked on.

Then I ran some quick downtown errands and met Ryan at 99 Bottles to hang out and catch up. I had the philly cheesesteak and ticked off #69 from my 99 Bottles card, and I convinced him to get a card. Tuesday night means raffle night as it turns out, and for each beer you get a ticket. Ryan won twice, but both wins resulted in the same Scrimshaw pint glass, so he gave me one. Awesome! Marina joined us, and we all got to gabbing and sketching and talking about bucket lists and art and travel. I ticked off #79 as well, but two pints was more than enough for me. Arrived at 7:30, left at 11:30. Pretty solid night of hanging out.

Been cooped up working on stuff, so yeah. Nice to get out.

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