Monday, May 23, 2016

Yeah. Dictated not typed.

I just realized I could do voice to text and write my blog that way and yeah. So Portland was awesome I strain my voice well by the end of the day my voice was strained because I just talk so much. Talk to friends talk to my friends old friends just talked the whole bunch. So I slept in a bit and I ended up not getting down to Portland as early as I would have liked I got I woke up I packed up but I packed up my car and I was out of here around noon. Getting the drive down was nice there was some rain but it wasn't bad and I stopped at Olympia to photocopy my comic to get it all ready to go. I stopped at the Kinkos in Olympia because that is the closest copying place on the way down and then so I commandeered a printer or a copier and I ran off a bunch of copies and took those copies and put them back in the printer tray and printer the other side and then I had 75 copies of my comic. But it took awhile to get them all stapled and folded and chopped that took longer than expected I might have had a chopper or a binding stapler but I didn't ask. Note to self look into how much those things cost. Sweet I drove to Portland and I drove straight down to Norse Hall where linework Northwest was being held in right as I rounded the block of where the main entrance was someone was leaving and so I now have a spot right at the entrance. And because of the parking it was a free as long as I wanted and it was awesome so I was able to just like go straight into the fest and it was packed and hot and there were so many people. In right away in the front was Dominic and John in so I was able to make a semi-interesting up and have any NyQuil and it looks like I'll have to correct some spelling errors. Or rather text to speech errors. Yeah it's so right away I was seeing old friends and giving them comics and say hello and it was awesome and yeah the hall had three rows of tables of people on each row of tables or on its side or maybe was too big rolls and then I know it had a lot of people and it was awesome. Yeah Linework they do an interesting thing where they have a different line up of people each day that our table and there's a few people that are there both days but there's a new crowd which is really awesome because then people aren't stuck at a table for the majority of a convention and they can't get around them yes so I ended up being there for 2 days usually I was only going to be there for one yeah cuz I didn't know that they had different lineups. I bought a lot of comics both days and it's because of those I also traded some things I had my little bit to get out and everyone was super stoked on the comic like just really happy and well received and everyone liked it and people were still together and people I didn't know we're stoked to get it. And a lot of great artists as she go and other trillian was there and Mollie Mendoza and other people just so many people. Yeah it's hard to get these Comics elsewhere because people would have to have an online shop to sell them in a lot of people would but then you have to pay for shipping I was I wouldn't even know how to find these people and so it's good to go to these things because you beat the people that you see they're working it's great because sometimes doesn't show up on your internet.

Anyway so I got there at around 5 I think I was there till 7:30 ish I know and yeah I didn't go to any panels I just walked around talk to people said hi to morgaine call BT call Beth call trillian call trillian friends it was amazing and also really really warm like the hall any fans.

I ran into an old friend Travis on the way out and I got some ice cream and then I headed over to Northwest Portland to meet Heather and Daniel for dinner and it was a very nice raise something something place and I got the pot pie and it was delicious and we all chatted and talked and it was wonderful.

After dinner I went over to the apartment with them and hung out and everywhere you look in the apartment you can see some artwork of mine up. But they have collected so much of my stuff over the years and it's a lot of it is in frames it's really nice and so the stuff I even forgot I sent them there's just so much work.

I met Heather's cat Emma and Emma the kitty was very sweet to me until it bit me a little bit was a feisty kitty. And after hanging out for a bit there were plans to meet up at a bar with some the other crew and so I said goodbye and left to go to Hilt in Northwest Portland. I was there first I got a table in a little whiskey and I drew the comic for today and waited for people to show up and right as I got the comic done Dominic showed up. And then Kristen and Alain showed up they are down from Canada and I saw them too linework. And jon joined us too and it was a great old time talking about art and process and Commercial Art and just posting work online and brakes making and getting back into making them it was wonderful. And I found a sweater well I should have turned it into lost and found but I decided to keep it but yeah it's a really nice letter I mean not so nice it's not like Louis Vuitton or Valentino or something anyway.

After that I went over to Madeline and crashed there I got in a bit late and we didn't talk much in the evening we just went to sleep and I fell off the couch because I forgot to extend the couch little recliners yeah but then I remembered and I slept very well. In the morning Madeline made me bacon and eggs because she is wonderful and we talked life and developments and working Comics I'm glad I brought my comic Sketchbook because that the easiest way to show people with big body of work that I've been doing with the comics. Yeah and we walked in and I got some coffee and we got rained on a little but it was fine it was really nice and we just spend time together and at around 1:30 we parted ways. I went back to linework for the second day sorry you're coughing yeah the second day when I got there it was a mad house and but Daniel was in the little dining chilling area so I sat with him for a bit and talk to waited for it to die down a bit because it was hard to Elbow your way around people to look at the work when there were so many people around. So I did early on say hi to other trillian and her friend Anna and I bought their comic switch for very good yeah and Sophie Franz Daniel it was able to track her down and so I can get her, cuz I really really wanted and I missed her yesterday. Yeah and I saw Beth again and her boyfriend Chris so we all sat and talked in sketched and I gave Comics out to people and at 4 p.m. I went to a panel discussion about gender expression and comics and that was really nice to listen to it big. And by that time it had the people die down a bit so is able to go around and buy more comics I saw opal and Conoco BT was table in the state that the guy from coffee beer and that's not a typo it's not it is actually called quote coffee beer and the quote. Yeah there is so many nice people and I traded my comic for other like little stickers Overlook comics with people and some people give you discounts on comics and I was like here's my comic here's my comic was a little bit and everyone was really happy to get it and read it and I got lots of good feedback in I'm so happy to be Candice is going back into this to see all the great people and the one was me know it was a joke everyone was just very very supportive. Yeah it was great and I'm still just feeling so happy from the experience and the positive responses from everybody and there were a lot of people missed two door and windows availability closing I love that Portland is a city that I can visit because it's a great city with a lot of the best city there's a lot of bad things going down in it but there are still some of my favorite people live there and it's pretty easy for me to go visit.

Yeah and I bought a lot of comics that we could have them wore autobiographical day-to-day things like what I've been doing and then there are a lot of people that do daily comics in that practice and help it was going to come talk about that with new people and get my name out there again yeah it was wonderful. It at the end of the day I think at around 6:30 I said my final but by two people with hugs and lots of hugs and I saw you at his cooler coffee food truck place and he spotted me a coffee in the mug I need a muffin if I still keep them yeah he's a good guy.

And it was a pretty easy drive back if there was some rain but it wasn't so bad I stopped at the last rest stop before Olympia stretch my legs and was going along with it pendants loves the sun was setting and the views are beautiful my when my headlights is out the other one that wasn't just put it so I need to buy a new bulb and get so that can be repaired soon.

Can head home I sketched and ruin all bad and it went to sleep at a good hour and in the morning I got up made a little mediocre sandwich because I'm not that much food left I need to go food shopping and I went to work it was a pretty mild day just a few rooms to turn of the two people wait until 11 to check out so there's a little bit of a delay in getting the rooms done things are good. If I stop by QFC on the way home and got food fixings and I have the crockpot this will basil chicken feta chicken thing going so that should be helped by meals for the next few days be nice and easy will tomorrow I get booty I pick up Cody from Krista after work if that'll be exciting to have a little doggie friend and I could draw him to the comic that be nice.

You know yeah I'm trying to get my computer I don't know what's going on like I don't know if it's a problem Celia said for the internet because there was some trouble shooter that said there's something about the IP address that is invalid so maybe it's something with the firewall yet there's also a computer isn't installing these updates things but I'm afraid to show all updates actually get Windows 10 maybe I should get it soon.

I wonder if the other computer would connect the internet I'll try that out because then I will know if it's the internet or the computer computer so I think I'll review what I've written here or dictated and then I can see and then correct all the weird weird typing errors and then get up and you'll have a weird block that's written verbally vs. How I type things out and so this is the pattern speed so you can see how I dictate things okay.

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