Friday, May 27, 2016

turquoise + red pen = maroon

After reinstalling my Anti-Virus of choice and several long system scans and changing my internet from a "home" setting to "work" it seems to be functioning fine! But also I spent large portions of the past few days just not wanting to be bothered with fussing with the internet, so I just walked Bodi and played FTL and drew and whatnot.

But what have y'all missed?

Bodi did fine with me being away at work. No accidents in the house, he was just happy to get a walk and some company and lots of cuddles. Didn't seem resentful at all.

Work I lagged behind on Wednesday. Someone broke a perfume bottle in the bathroom of one room, and that stank wafted like nobodies business. Lots of pans and coffee grounds in a tray to absorb the scent (don't know how that works) On Thursday we changed up the system and Ginger and I double team cleaned two rooms, the two most involved rooms to clean (tubs + glass showers = extra work) and we did it in two hours! Helped to just grab the new sheets off the racks and with two people the beds get made in almost a quarter of the time. We're a dream time, go us!

And I did the floors and other bits and bobs. There's a lady who will be a part time innkeeper while the bosses are away so I did a bit of training of her on kitchen stuff.

I'm sick of this crockpot meal. It tastes weird. Maybe I can make mom and dad eat it. I don't like olives as it turns out. And I probably used the wrong basil.

And Friday was my day off! In fact I'm on a three day weekend, but not the same one everyone else has.

So today on my day off I slept in, had a little breakfast, went and got dirt for my planter box, and went to Falls View to take the loop hike. With Bodi, of course. It was a nice damp day and a family was chilling by the water. I said hello and carried on my way (Bodi is so eager to move about, he doesn't really sit for pets). It was a very nice hike and Bodi got very muddy but he was good and stayed put while I toweled him off. And I tethered him a bit till he was fully dry because I did not want mud tracked around. The house is a bit messier than I'd like, but nothing a modicum of effort won't alleviate.

And I put the dirt in the box and put the tree in the dirt and watered it and put mulch on top. I have lots of extra mulch! So I'm sure we'll put that to good use somewhere. Where's a good place to mulch? Maybe the peas bed.

And I fussed with my computer and drew and now it's time for bed. See you (Ma and Pa) in the morning!

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