Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Sorry about the gibberish of the last post. But that gives you more reason to talk to me about what great fun I had in Portland!!

And now slugs have eaten my other dahlia. I should buy another bulb and just grow it in a pot. Bummer! What are pretty flowers that slugs DON'T eat??

Back at the grind today and it was a pretty good day. One full turn became a fluff so my work load was lighter. I did a good scrub out on the fridge. Set the tables. Made everything look nice. Did a good clean on the floors. I got a crockpot of this basil pesto feta olive chicken thing going last night and it's okay. It'll be fine for the next few meals but I'm glad it's a small portion. It is nice to have it ready for me in the morning. I like doing this crock pot thing.

After work today I went to Poulsbo and picked up the wonderful amazing BODI!!!! And I saw Christa too, who is going out of town for a wedding. Hence me picking up beloved Bodi. He was so happy to see me! Jumping up and down in the car seat. What memory, I haven't seen him in months! Back at home I walked him and he pooped three times! And he ran about with Corbie.

I somehow got my internet up and running after a router unplugging and resetting and several thourough virus checks and mucking about in settings. Seems to be working again?

OH! And I got to sector 8 in FTL!! Then was totally annihilated. But a new high score, that was awesome.

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