Thursday, January 7, 2016

I need to make work

Look! Another comic! I'll try to do daily comics. Daily drawings. Draw SOMETHING ANYTHING daily. I wonder if I can swing taking January off to just make some goddang work, and then leverage a month of making into making and a job. Ya know? Like I have good drawing habits built up over the month, and then I find a job post birthday and stuff?

I also have another thing drawn right now that I'll scan in the morning. And I dug out a notebook that I only used a few pages in and I started jotting down comic ideas. I have ideas! I just haven't been drawing them.

Anyway, yeah. Gotta get projects going.

re: unemployment. Yeah I probably can get it, but I'm worried that filing for it will screw up health insurance & future tax stuff. Benefits vs costs, ya know?

Ran a Target errand. I got a good snicker at this down that was supposed to say BREATHE DEEP but the way the lettering was stacked, it kinda looked like BREATHE BREDEEP. Star Wars toys still largely sold out. There was a Rey Jakku Lego toy though, that was cool! I didn't get it, I just admired it. I got bread and other stuff.

Went home. Drew. Watched Drunk History. Felt a bit better.

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