Saturday, January 9, 2016


Are you liking having comics start these entries? I know I am! I do them in about an hour, which is a good pace. And for each one I do, I generate two more ideas. If I keep at it, I'll get a nice little batch AND I'll only get better! I'm kinda remembering how I draw people too. Like doodles of people. I have several styles. Anyhoo! Yeah! Art!

Today was a Faux First Friday in Bremerton. Faux because the real one was new years and they didn't do it. I just hung out at Bremerton Letterpress Co. which is where Karen's (aka KB) new press is! She got a (used) Vandercook and now it has a home with Marin...Marit? who is really nice and it's a new shop downtown. They got cards and bags and mugs and prints and stuff. And presses with which to make awesome cards. So this is even better for KB because there's a space to work from and a person to work with! So it should bolster both their businesses. And there was talk about me designing a card to be printed and sold. Just gotta get a little portfolio together. I've neglected to scan all my mushroom drawings, so I need to make a few more of those. Local & nautical sells. 

So I hung out. Met people. Gave Karen and Rob their baby shower gift (a baby sling). There's baby showers coming up, but I don't know if I'll be able to make them (one's in Portland the weekend after I'm going down, not sure if I'd want to do two trips but maybe I'll go down with Karen on the second one and split gas?)(and the second is with her sister and I don't know where that is, probably Washington, but yeah). So I gave them their present and they were like "ohh we heard good things about this" and "this is just what we needed!" so hurray!

Karen is seven and a half months pregnant, and ran the tressel press. Because she's a champ.

So if you're in Downtown Bremerton, check out the store front! It's really nice!

I also dropped off a garbage load. It went up fifteen cents! Yikes! Garbage and recycling. It was all looking a bit full. So that errand is done! And I reorganized my books to accommodate new acquisitions. Another task done. Tomorrow is a cleaning day. I really want to get a lot checked off the list. Cleaning, organizing. Yeah.

I'm also writing a lot more in this blog, after what felt like a year of very short posts. But I think I'm also talking my way through life changes and life focus. As I said during college, if I did nothing I had to write I did nothing so this blog helped me be a lot more accountable to my school work. So I'm taking myself to task for getting myself accomplished at being an adult.

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