Tuesday, January 5, 2016

dungeons and dragons and that's sister wendy if you're Nolar


Slept in and had pasta for a late breakfast. Didn't do much inbetween waking up and heading out to the game meet up. It was pretty chilly. I drove slow and safe. The house was easy to find. Up in the woods of north west Port Townsend. People there: Ron (his house) Rowan, Evelyn (Ron's kids), Ron's wife I think but she didn't play with us, Alex, some guy, Logan who I could swear I knew from somewhere, Emerald, Morgan, and two other people. Emerald helped me make my character! So nice! My character for a new dungeons and dragons campaign. I am jumping in at 4th level. A 4th level neutral good cleric named Wensledale. She's a halfling and apparently the conscience of the group. The campaign is sort of a mystery with ghoul bites. We accidentally shot a farmer's daughter with arrows and I hurt my team when I subdued a mental patient with a sonic spell. But I healed them, and chastised the doctor for his poor care of his patient. The gaming went from 6 to 10:30ish! A good long game! I'll be back in two weeks for another round, and in the mean time I'll brush up on my knowledge. Emerald loaned me a USB full of D&D literature so I have that to study. Excited to get into it and expand my universe. Seems like a good way to meet local area nerds, as there isn't a local indie comic scene this side of the water.

It was a slow drive back with the temperature being so low and the roads being clearly ice on the side.


Not much of a day. Loafed around. Lit a fire. Made kindling. Read The Girl on the Train (very good thus far!). Tidied up a little. Had pot stickers. Watched telly.


Had to leave the house as I've been out of vegetables for a while. Long overdue for a grocery run. I used my Barnes and Noble gift card that Hans gave me on Tomine's Killing and Dying. Yay for comics! I was hoping B&N might have dice for sale, but no dice. Avalon Comics, where Wizards used to be, did though! Sean and Michael were nice fellows who pointed out there is Tuesday DND at the shop. Ohhh! Except Tuesday might be beekeeping classes too? Though haha I'm unemployed, what am I doing thinking about doing fun things? I needa find a job. I have enough to absolutely get through January but February will be dodgy. But it's nice to know I have time to read and sit in front of the fire. I need to do a tidying overhaul again, because there's lots of odds and ends sitting about. And need to make a dump run too as the trash is getting full. Argh.

Where was I? Oh yeah, dice! I bought some of the other dice (D12 D4 D8 D10 and percentile) from Avalon, so that I wouldn't have to continue borrowing Emerald's. I already had that D20 I got so Dad could reference it for his boxes. Now I have a funky little assortment. There's lots of different style of dice. If I continue playing, maybe I'll invest in a match set (big investment of like, $5).

So that was nice. Not nice was paying a visit to Ma and Pa and having them talk over me when I had a bunch of different things to talk about. Guess that is why I need to keep up with this blog more regularly. The ol' one sided conversation. I talk to people so rarely in person, so it's real shitty to not get a conversation during the rare chances that I do have. But I got my mail and got a few nice cards.

Swung by Trader Joe's and got food. There's a chocolate milk in my fridge. Treat to myself! And eggs, baco...ohh did I forget bread? Yeah I think I forgot to get bread. Damnit. Well I have eggs and bacon and I might make another trip to Silverdale soon. Or over yonder that way.

Lit a fire when I got home and computered in front of it. The heat just doesn't reach the master bedroom like I want it to.

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