Sunday, December 6, 2015

hat hair and fighting the elements

If you are Ma or Pa or someone else looking to get me gifts for Christmas or my birthday, I put up a list right over yonder to the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Got three days to sum up again! Hope y'all aren't minding too much that the posts have slowed consistently, but hey I'm still writing to check in multiple times a week.

Friday I worked on site. Hauled over the jewelry and lighting equipment. Set it up again so we have the studio to show off when visitors come by. I helped inventory items and add in descriptions and I moved about boxes. Got a lot of stuff to list next week. A loooot of stuff. But we'll make money, so that's good! I gave Bodi some pets and headed out.

Deposited checks, ran a Target errand, and got home where Ma and Pa were! They came over during the day when I was at work. They saved me a plate of food, and they fed Celia too. It was rainy but Dad started a fire so it was cozy.

Come morning, they did yard work and hauled up the kayaks. Dad made me a new mallet for the kindling chopper, because I broke the other one. A rain barrel was installed as well! It's going to divert the run off from the gutters that's been eroding the side of the bank. Can't have the house fall into the bay. Dad cooked up some steaks for lunch and I made garlic jasmine rice. They headed out while it was still daylight and I chilled at home and went to bed early.

I've been really tired this weekend. I slept in, and have been going about in just a tired fog. Wonder what's up with that.

I drove up to Port Townsend to get some art supplies and the STORE WAS CLOSED! Closed on a Sunday! Boooo! But I had other plans for PT. I saw Room, which stars Brie Larson. Very heavy drama with excellent performances. So good. I'm amazed I didn't cry, but I wanted to. Her performance just trumps anything else done this year. I got dinner and a Victorian coffee at the theater (the Starlight Room). I got a house salad! Healthy choice!

I did some food shopping at the QFC after, and headed home. Damn it was a horrible drive both up and down. Rain pouring, wind pushing. I kept it slow and tried to keep the car out of the rain filled grooves in the pavement. Just really nasty stuff. Thankfully other drivers were acting sensibly as well. No speeders or tailgaters.

So I'm back at home, feeling tired even though I got plenty of sleep at it is 9 pm.

Felt like writing now, instead of much much later.

I'm wearing that hat I found in the hotel. Dad doesn't seem to want it, so it's mine!

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