Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm becoming utterly desensitized to fine quality jewlery

All righty, time to get caught up!

Well Monday and Tuesday I stayed home and worked from home. Mostly doing spreadsheet work. Researching, editing, writing up descriptions, that kind of thing. Slept in a mild amount. Stayed up maybe a bit too late. Ate noodles and bacon and eggs, but not all at once. Drank coffee and drank tea. Haven't lit a fire yet. Fires take so much effort and my wood is so wet. But maybe it's less damp now that the rain has paused for a moment.

It's been so rainy! Just pouring and tons of run off and I know it's Washington, but it seems a bit much even for the Evergreen state!

I worked onsite today (Wednesday) though I was by myself. With Bodi. Boss would be gone all day so it was partially a look after Bodi day. Let him out. Fed him. Gave him lots of pets. For work I finished measurements and testing the metal purities. We got a fancy gold testing kit so now we can really know what the qualities are of the things we are selling. The stamps seem to match up. Basically you scratch a bit of the gold off, and dribble chemicals on the scratch (it's on a little tester stone thingy) and if it dissolves, it's less than the matching purity of the chemical. So there's one for 10k and one for 14k and one for 18k and one for 22k. Fun! But time consuming. I hope I did it right. Like I said, the stamps on the gold that said it was 10k or 14k or whatever, it matched up to what I tested. A good control. It took time, but now all I have to do for the next to days is bust out eBay listings. I average 20 per 3 hours, but if I really get into the zone I can go faster.

I worked noonish to eightish, so I got back later than usual BUT I didn't have to deal with the traffic. I swung by Central Market and bought a salmon musubi for the road, and yakult and udon and Tapatio and maltesers and lychee soda. Yum yum.

So yeah, work work work, earn that cash, then weekend! Maybe I'll go hang with Karen.

OH and I also bought supplies for making prezzies, and the clerk knew where my name was from so that was fun to gab about Hitchhiker's Guide for a little bit.

And I really wish Healthcare.gov would stop emailing me because I'm covered till 2017!! The deadline doesn't apply to me!

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