Friday, December 4, 2015

working for that dolla dolla bill

Oy my hand is hurting. I've worked three full days in a row and I got another one tomorrow. We are hustling to get jewelry ready for sale on our eBay.

Tuesday I set up our brand spanking new lighting tent. It's so beautiful! Our photos look so great. Well my photos look so great. But yeah, lighting and a bit of knowledge of camera settings and you can get some really dynamic pictures. So stoked on how they are looking. I'm stoked on many things.

Uhm yeah, so Tuesday I photographed and then it was decided I'd bring the photo tent and work from home. Two days of working from home to get as much of it done as possible.

It's been rainy, but not as freezing. I haven't lit a fire since Monday.

Wednesday I set up the tent in the second story garage room. Perfect space. Long table, secondary table, power outlets, and the WiFi doesn't reach out there. Well it gets like, a bar, which is enough to do a few things but not major internet stuff. And today I shot photos too. And edited. I got them all edited, so that's good. I helped Celia break apart a tree that fell across the road.

I need to make a food run. I'm down to scraps.

Also the back freezer has stopped freezing, so all the crab bait is in the main freezer. Good thing it's just crab meat that got a bit soft, and I didn't lose any edible food.

Well I'm tired. Good night.

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