Saturday, September 26, 2015

two tiring days, but at least I have goodies

Back to back long shifts at work! But long, good on site days. Lots of activity but WOW am I bad at basic math and generally being a cashier.

So Thursday was the preview & pricing day. Worked 10:30ish till 8ish? Boss bought dinner, so that was nice. Sellers on our list were able to come in and preview the sale and get things. Not many people came, but the few that did got a decent amount of stuff. Karen was also on the list, because perks, and she got the wicker ladder/shelf and black end table, and the horseshoe crab sculpture which matches the one I bought (part of a semi-matching set). Nice to have a friend over and to show them my bizz and to get them in on the inside with my insider perks. I priced up a whirlwind and noted things and put it in the spreadsheet. Michela put up the directional signs. I ... well I guess I mostly priced and organized. It takes a while. OH! I also helped assemble the signs with Jeremy. Taping paper to signs and taping up the paper so it doesn't get water damaged. That's what I did at the start of that shift. Yeah.

There's so good stuff in the sale. The "I hope no one buys it so I can get the uber discount" item is this medicine bag. It would be really good for weekend trips, and would replace that black bag that I'm just kinda meh about. I like having a bag for each size I need.

Got home late. Got into bed. Alarm went off early. I was like UHG but I showered, threw cereal in a bowl to eat on the way in, and I had left over dinner on site to eat for lunch, so it's all good.

Got it at 8:45amish and I had to hit the ground running. Sale started at 9 but people, plenty of people, were there already! I only flubbed one charge (by a couple bucks) and got into bartering and things. Of COURSE people find what wasn't priced first, but wrinkles got sorted out. There was a speaker that was converted from a cigar box that made noise when turned on, and thankfully someone bought it early in the day before it got annoying. The gumball dispense sold. And a TON of other stuff too! All the rugs, big pieces of furniture, expensive pieces, like...it went really well! There's still some stuff there, but apparently Friday 9-noon is the deal hunter hours. The globe is still there, the medicine bag is still there. I grabbed this nice velvet Haida pattern shawl that had a $50 sticker and was in the $5 range, before boss decided to price it up. Now I have a nice shawl.

Mom and Dad stopped by too!! That was sweet and it was nice to see them. Caught up a little bit. Mom bought some books. Dad asked Boss where Bodi was, like I suspected he would. It's been a while because they've been off motorhoming. We'll get a good catch up soon.

It slowed down after 1pm, but rarely were we just by ourselves. I had some good conversations with people. Lots of interesting sorts came in and bought things. I gave big discounts on records to encourage moving of product, as well as discounts on DVD sets missing DVDs.

Arghghhh that medicine bag. It has a metal opening so it stays rigid when opened, and it's leather. Oh it's so cool.

After work I swung by Liberty Bay Books but they didn't have Step Aside Pops by Kate Beaton, so I went to Barnes & Noble and picked it up. Yay, new Kate Beaton collection! And I swung by Target and picked up a few things like my staple night face lotion that ran out a week ago and my skin has spiraled into a breakout because other lotions mess up my skin. Hope this goop I smear on my face does it some good in the long run. Got some earring sets that were marked way down. Got a scarf that looks a bit like the carpet in the Overlook Hotel. I bit too much treating myself, but my hours have been good lately.

What's coming up in terms of bills...rent, insurance, electricity. Argh. Bills are such a downer. But at least I can pay them while wearing a cute scarf. And gas is cheap right now.

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