Thursday, October 23, 2014

tappa tappa tappa

Proper keyboard! Thanks Dad! It goes clack clack clack and all the keys work, though now I have to adjust to a raised keyboard, because the one on my laptop has flatter keys. And I have to relearn proper key uses, because some of my keys haven't worked for many many months. Ha!

Tuesday I edited the brochure and got my duties for the next two days. Pretty big responsibilities! It's a steep learning curve but it'll be good to know how to list things on websites and stuff. I also spent a lot of the day sitting in front of the fire while it burned. I read and snacked and drank tea.

I was woken up by the septic system high water alarm. I shut off the alarm, double checked the code, called Dad to be like "what the hell why would this go off, I haven't been running a 10 hour shower??". It's still a bit of a mystery because when he arrived the tank was very low. Dad dug out some ditches, and together we stretched out some drainage tubeing. I whipped up a little egg & bacon snack with my special Trill mocha as an afternoon snack for Dad the hard worker. And I resumed doing my work from home regarding finding a printer for the approved brochure designs, and then worked on setting up accounts and research and just reading through pages of stuff.

Then Dad & I went to the Geoduck Tavern for lunch. I had beef dip and tea, he had a burger and coke. We ate a bunch of fries, but he also got a salad. Healthy eating papa!

Work resumed, with a break for tea and laundry and inktober. I think I'll tuck into bed now, and start early tomorrow. Such a steep learning curve, but once I figure it out, whoo! I just wish some of these sites had upload tests.

I'm going to have a Friendsgiving at my place! Got a few confirmed guests. Can't wait! Something to look forward to.

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