Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Oopsie whoopsie, I'm behind again. Left off Friday and now it's Monday. And my N key is out as well as my H key, so now I'm supplementing with an onscreen keyboard, which actually seems to go a bit faster. I hope I don't lose more keys though.

Ma and Pa came over on Saturday and brought food and Seabeck whiskey and their company! Dad gave me some tips on chopping wood, and I helped chop and stack. We had salad and salmon and played Skip-Bo (Mom won) and watched Hot Fuzz. Nice day. They also helped fix the leaking toilet. All it needed was a new seal. And for it to be removed and replaced...not the easiest task but Dad is super helpful! And he makes a mean mini omlette with local chanterelles. I was up early on Sunday, and so I got to work on my brochure for work! Did a few hours, got some feedback, then edited, then more feedback on Monday and more editing. After I slept way in....good to get the lethargic out.

Scanned family photos too. Lots of cute ones of me as a blonde wee baby.

So yeah, not a bad couple days. Good to have company. Good to have work.

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