Sunday, October 26, 2014

good things

Two days of work! Two nice full days of looking out at Bainbridge Island and pricing antiques and reporting in on account specifications for different sites. I bartered a gorgeous Okuyama woodblock print. And a few wool sweaters. Job perks! My Santa Cruz wardrobe was all tee shirts all the time, so I don't really have any good professional warm layers.

It's be raining so much! Unusually much! The house hasn't washed away and the power hasn't cut out, so that is good.

A varied thrush hit my window and died. I can't even identify a dead bird. Rachel Higara is the one who was able to identify it. In my defense, the guide books picture the bird as more orange in color, while this one was more yellow. I gave it back to the woods to join the circle of life.

I met mom and dad at Origami Sushi in Silverdale after work today. That was really nice! Got to chat and catch up, even though I did just see Dad. I guess this is the time in my life where I am really social with my family. And get free meals and left overs.

My paycheck (I'm getting paid!!) cleared, so I treated myself to an aero press, because I like gadgets and it seems relatively easy to use compared to other coffee making things. Also I can make a cup at a time, which suits me. Coffee takes me back to  my time on the road. I'm really looking forward to making myself a cuppa, running a bath, and drinking coffee in the bath and reading in the bath. Basically bath time.

I did a drawing of the actor Justice Leak (in his Halt and Catch Fire role) for inktober and he saw it! Someone @'ed him on Instagram and he saw the drawing and said "holy shit that's awesome!". Which is just too cool!

So, it's been a pretty good couple days.

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