Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a welcome break in the storm

Sunday! A day off! A day to sleep in, use the aeropress to make tasty coffee drink. I added honey and ice and the rest of my milk and it was so good. And it's so easy to use! Easy gadgets are my bag. Didn't want to bother with a pot or some of the more complex mechanisms. I hung out with Celia in the evening. Got lots of kitty cuddles. Had pizza and frank and beans. And then gradual cat allergies caught up with me, so I returned to my side of the beach and blew my nose copiously.

Monday! I had more of my tasty aeropress coffee. I'm using this "moka java blend" from World Market. I'm digging it! Iced espresso is my jaw. Today was spent taking data and throwing it into a spreadsheet for work. Took some time, but it's good to have. Well I say took some time, it was still less than an 8 hour shift at anywhere, and I could do it from the comfort of my own home. Tomorrow I was supposed to work on site, but the schedule was changed so I'm at home again. But I'll still probably leave the house as I need to get groceries.

Uhg, food. Gotta eat. Oh and I carved my pumpkin. I did one big standard pumpkin eye, but it was too big to add a mouth and stuff, so I just did a pattern of eyes. It's already a bit moldy and the house smells of old pumpkin. I put it outside and burned incense. Hopefully the smell dissipates.

The weather has finally eased up. More clear, less rain. And when it does rain it's gentle. The howling has reduced.

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