Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm wearing shorts right now. It's that warm.

Got up and got my crock pot cooking with sloppy joes! Didn't take that long to prep.

Had a really good day at work. It was warm and everyone was positive and we got stuff done. I heat pressed some jerseys and shorts (still waiting on some decals to be cut so I can finish them). Then I caught these patches. Now we are one forth of the way through a massive shirt order! Feels good to print a massive order. It was an early day. It was also a very HOT day.

Got home and stirred my sloppy joe. It was a bit wet. Could have put more meat in it, I think. Or less fluids. Tara made a salad. It was our night to cook for the house meeting. I was facilitating. The sloppy joes turned out a bit more... meat mush. Though I guess that is the point? Oh and I also made a pot of green tea for everyone to enjoy. It was refreshing.

The meeting went really well! Good chats and stuff.

Now I think I'll retire to bed. I'm almost done with Gone Girl!

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