Wednesday, March 12, 2014

feelin' good

Wore shorts to work today! It's shorts week! Everyone was in shorts. Go team shorts.

I taped screens and burned screens and cut a banner and brought in some boxes of stuff. I also folded shirts and boxed them as Ryan stacked them. It was a hot day, but hey! I was in shorts! It didn't bother me.

And it ended up being a short day.

So yay for sun! I made some new paper cutouts for the kitchen window. I did snowflakes for the holidays and hearts for Valentine's Day. Now I have a row of grass with a few flowers.

I finished Gone Girl. Pretty damn good little mystery novel! Really enjoyed it. Neil Patrick Harris is playing the role of Desi, so that'll be great.

I downloaded a ton of book samples onto my Kindle, and bought The Goldfinch because that's been sitting on my to read list.

Now I shall retire to bed! Reading a bit before sleeping has really got me going to bed in better rhythm, and I've been sleeping pretty well recently too.

A lot of anxiety has lifted from my shoulders due to my decision to leave Santa Cruz and travel. I do worry about leaving my job and getting a new job in the future, but a person can't just work and work and live in a place they are unenthusiastic about. My spirit was suffering, and when the spirit suffers what can be done about that?

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