Monday, March 10, 2014

ankle damage ???

I want Wednesday to get here because the that'll be a day with no errands or obligations. Tomorrow is a house meeting, so I'll be going straight from work to dinner making to meeting. I'll be putting some meat in the slow cooker before work, and Tara says she'll get home at 3 so she can give it some stirs. Going to make sloppy joes with turkey! Here's hoping they turn out. Mmmm.

Work was all right. We ran a repeat job, and a small order of a new job. I broke down the press. I weeded some stuff. I folded shirts. Got tons of heat stuff to do over the next few days. 17 jerseys and 17 shorts!

Tara and I are cooking for the pre house meeting dinner. I..oh I already mentioned the sloppy joes. WELL I went to Trader Joe's and got fixings and Francesca was working the register, so we got to chat a bit.

My ankle is really hurting me these past few days. Maybe too much crazy dancing on hard wood floors? Guess I'll take it easy for a bit.

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