Friday, September 13, 2013


NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE! AHHH! Exciting. Well Harry Potter universe. Creatures! Waah! So exciting.

I ordered the car part. Hopefully it'll arrive by tomorrow morning and I can take my car in soon (Saturday) to get it fixed.

Work was another full day! Yay for full days of work! Money money money! And I like my job. Did a big banner, but since it was thicker it was easier to roll and move about. Caught a job. Weeded vinyl. Weeded more vinyl. Generally was helpful. Taped screens. Time can pass really fast.

At home I did a quick bike ride to the library and returned my library books, though I quickly finished one of the comics I checked out. The art was nice but the story wasn't all that captivating.

Working 10:30-6:30 really does cut into the evening time.

Whooo weekend! I have a list so I shall work on that list.

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