Monday, September 9, 2013

food, nap, shopping, shopping, sleep

Happy birthday Dad! Glad you liked the shirt.

Didn't feel like making breakfast, so I went to Zachary's and had their "big miss" scramble of sorts. It was too big so I had to take left overs home with me. Then I took a nap to allow that to digest. The day started mild and gray and then it escalated into warmth.

Made a Target trip for furniture felt, a bucket, some little bags for packing knick knacks safely, and some other miscellaneous stuff because Target has too much selection. I packed up a few more things, but I feel that it won't really take off, in terms of packing, till I start actually moving things out. Still, gotta get a start and then I can work from there.

Also made a Trader Joe's run. So much shopping!

Also finished A Cuckoo's Calling. It was okay.

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