Tuesday, May 10, 2016

tired but less stress

Carpet cleaners were in at work, so we did some kitchen cleaning while they finished, and we put on little booties to keep the floors clean. So clean! One room has carpet that is WAY too light for a hotel room. It spots really easily. Then Ginger and I teamed up on deep cleaning a room. I did the bathroom stuff. Deep scrubbing the shower, removing the toilet seat and cleaning under the bolts, cleaning the light fixtures, cleaning the fan. I'm glad I didn't wash my hair this morning because I got a ton of dust/grime in it from that fan. Now I get to wash it with some of my new Birchbox shampoo! It's not a huge sample but it's something to look forward to. I'll have nice fluffy hair for my two days off coming up.

My jaw grinding has gone away. I was having serious jaw issues that were related to stress and I didn't really relate them to stress until I got this new job and it's gone away. So even though I'm super tired, I'm doing better. And I'm making more!

Got Karen's wedding save the date & birth announcement and both are so great!! I should get married just to have really nice save the dates made up. HJehhee.

At home I napped and did the crockpot cleaning and split the rest of my CTK into lunch portions. Have five left? Four? That's pretty good. I've bookmarked a few recipes in my cookbook so I think I'll continue doing crockpot cooking, because it's so easy and I think it'll help me eat better.

If only you could buy yakult by the gallon.

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Anonymous said...

Trader Joes Kefir - Yakult in a half gallon size.