Friday, May 13, 2016

don't pee on dad

 Last night the internet wasn't going so I just went to bed. So! On Wednesday I worked. It was mostly solo stuff. I put the rooms back in order after all the stuff had been moved for the power carpet washer. And I did the floors and watered the veranda plants and finished the room cleaning on this one deep clean. Nice little shift. Listened to podcasts and things went well.

Filled up my tank, went home, drew a comic, and was pretty tired. Played some video games and went to sleep.

Got up, drew comic, drank coffee, got to doing stuff! Picked up my mail and got some milk so I could make pasta. I have so many pasta boxes. Brinnon Gas Station has free tire air FYI.

At home I drew a comic and tweeted it at Arizona and they got back to me and I gave them my address and I think they are going to send me some coupons!!

And like I said, internet was down so I went to sleep. I also watered the gardens.

 Mom and Dad are over! They arrived at 10ish because we have to get the raft in when the tide is up. I joined Dad on the ride from tugging the raft over to the bay. Now I feel a bit pink from the sun.

After the raft was attached we had bread and cheese snacks and Mom and I read Lucy Knisley comics on the porch. I had to chastise Mom for setting the book open and face down. I went for a swim and stood on the log for a while. Dad paddled over and checked out the log as well. Lots of crabs, and a few almost came out of the water at me. They were all snip snip snip.

Then Dad got stung by a big red jelly. It snuck up out of nowhere and got him. Out of the water we poured vinegar over Dad's stings and touched it up with witch hazel. You do not pee on jellyfish stings!

Dinner was salad and potatoes cooked on the open fire and a glass of vino. Mom let me paint her nails. Then I took a nap. Then Mom and Dad went to bed. Then when I resumed full consciousness I drew a comic and now I'm back to being tired, so nighty night!

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