Friday, May 6, 2016


It's my weekend and it's a four day one! Got a lot to do and I'm feeling good. At work I fluffed four rooms, including an extended one (when you stay for a while you get fresh sheets and towels and all that). I did the office and powder room and vaccuumed and prepped fruit and all sorts of this and that. A nice way to end the stretch of shifts. Topped off my tank and went food shopping and  at home I played video games and went to bed instead of blogging.

What a great day I had! First I slept in and that was wonderful. Did a full makeup look (full brows instead of gentle tinted brows, among a more involved eyeshadow style) and assembled a road breakfast (that is, breakfast that is consumed on the road) and off I went! Kitsap errands! I now so rarely cross the bridge and I like not having to watch out for the bridge being up. Listened to Brandie Posey's comedy album and it was hilarious. Got toilet paper at Target and some cuff style earrings because they were on sale. Then went to my comic shop and picked up my pull list, whee a big stack of Lumberjanes! And some Southern Cross and Sex Criminals and I bought the new Punisher because Becky Cloonan is aweesooommmme. And Craig was there! Chris's dad! I haven't been to the shop in many months but I reassured Dana the owner I would call if I ever planned on leaving. I wouldn't just let my box collect and not pay. That is the convenience of a subscription pull box: the comics are there when I can get to them. But yeah it was nice to see Craig, who recognized me (and also heard Dana refer to me by name, which is a big clue).

Weather was absolutely beautiful today. Warm, sunny, sometimes a breeze. Perfect farmer's market weather! Bremerton Letterpress Co. did the posters for the new Bremerton Farmer's Market and they had a booth so I went to hang out and help a bit and generally spend time with my pals Karen and Marit and Baby Lily and Rob too. Lily gets bigger and bigger! She holds her head up and has big blue eyes and is such a little sweety. I got to hold her a little bit and I kissed her head plenty.

Also Karen had a Beanie Baby sloth to give me!!!!!!

Mom and Dad came to the market too and we all hung out and I saw my old art teacher from Silverwood though I don't remember her that much. Nice to see the parents. They bought some cards from the booth. Dad gave me the stand with the piece of PNCA rubble! It looks great. Right now it's by the Christmas tree & camel skin lamps. Tomorrow I'll be doing some house cleaning. It's in need of it. And I have a visitor (John the acrobat) so want to look less...so slobby.

After the market I did some more food shopping. Going to make Chicken Tikka Masala but I could NOT FIND between QFC, TJ's and CM any red chile peppers. So I'm going to try it with jalapeno. But that's the next crock pot recipe. Having my lunch ready for work cuts so much time out of my morning.

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