Tuesday, May 3, 2016


 Yesterday was a "boy am I tired!" day and I tucked into bed.

BUT I did go swimming. Work, I turned some rooms and whatnot. It was very hot and I was feeling very melted by the end. It does tend to fry the brain, exercising in the heat. But I got a waterbottle and I drank it all and stayed very hydrated.

I went swimming after work and that was great. The water was warmer than expected and I got a selfie where I was looking fiiiiine hahah.

It was so cooling and nice. I swam out to the log even! It wavered a little under my weight but not much. It certainly didn't go under water when I sat on it. There is a lot of green growth up the log and I saw a couple crabs clinging on as well. It was nice to sit out there on the water. Counted three seals huffing at me.

I showered, relaxed, drew, and went to bed.

Not so exhausting! I only turned one room and fluffed two others, did the pre-flights, did some laundry, dusted, ironed napkins, didn't do the floors. Nice little day.

At home I did laundry and drew and drank pineapple juice and I think I'm about ready to tuck into bed. OH! Socks! Need to fold my socks. And there's probably some dishes.

Tomorrow is my Friday! And there's a lot to happen in the four day weekend I have after that. Wheee.

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