Saturday, February 13, 2016

flashbacks are in tents

I only have one Valentine's Card that remains to be sent out. My card for the month is done. Comics are going along. Well, I kinda wish I'd spent a bit more time on this one. But then again, it might be fun to revisit and redraw old comics when I am further down the line! I'm almost at 40! Four zero! I'll have to start doing folders now, because I can't have it in one big one. But in drawing I'm learning what I need to learn how to draw. Does that look like snow? Kinda but kinda not.

Trying to find the sweet spot where I am productive on the regular, but not letting quality control hold me hostage.

I went to wash my car today, because the skies were blue and my car is so dirty it's gone from silver to champagne.  I couldn't find my good car sponge though. It's white and squishy. One of those things you always see all the time but then when you go to look for it, it's nowhere. So I used some old cheap rags and cleaned my car like that. It was more of a glorified wipe down.

Didn't make any progress with house clutter.

Now I'm sleepy. Only 1:30am!

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