Friday, February 12, 2016

beer and whisky kind of gal

Got to drawing today's comic late, because I finished coloring my Valentine's Card. I wrote up about ten of them and got them addressed and stamped. Did some work for old boss. Saw a very promising job that had to be applied for in person but it was a creative retail job and I felt good about it so I decided to make the journey to Port Townsend for it. I swung by the post office and dropped off cards and Helen's present. Quilcene USPS might have better distribution than Brinnon USPS.

The job is at a beadstore in downtown, but it's also probably helping with the other shop areas. It's an open retail space with little store sections. Beads, yarn, crafts basically. I'm a 2D person but I like to learn. So I filled out the application (it had more "tell us about you!" sections instead of "tell us where and who and when you were hired") and attached my resume and business card and photocopied letter of recommendation. I am expecting a call tomorrow so fingers crossed!

Got groceries, topped off my tank, got back. Did a bit more work. Ate food. Did comic. Wrote more cards. Now I'm tired, but feeling good and accomplished. Even if this job lead doesn't work, it at least is nice to know things will crop up. They seemed a bit surprised that someone showed up so quick, whereas I was worried that getting there a day after the posting might already put me out of the application running.

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