Thursday, October 8, 2015

time needs to hit the breaks

Tuesday & Wednesday

Stayed at home, mostly. Did some work from home editing photos. Did some work on the animation for work. Made a food run at QFC, but a small one because I'll be out of town this weekend again so I don't want food to go bad. I'll go food shopping after the weekend.

My internet is doing oddly better.

Slept in. Read comics. Kept it chill. I can't wait for my phone to renew because this is one of the rare times I used up my data, and now it's at a curbed crawl. Less Netflix on my next data cycle.

Wedding this weekend, Mom and Dad visit next weekend, and Bodi the weekend after than and then October is over a week after that! What the hell? Where is this year going? It's just vanishing into thin air.

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