Saturday, October 10, 2015

back to PDX

Greetings and good morning! I am writing from Madeline's in Portland. Made it here safe and sound yesterday. Hit a little bit of traffic coming into downtown, but I wasn't on the freeway for long. There was an accident, so that's a bummer. I swung by the new 511 PNCA building. The art students were so darling and young looking and art student looking. I was wearing a more grown up gray top and probably didn't look like one of their ilk. I wonder what my expression was when I looked at the new building? It did give me a weird feeling to see it all ~PNCA~ like with the lettering and stuff. I swung by the library and gave Serenity a hug and said hi to Dan. Also ran into Heather McL and Doug at the front desk, who gave me a really good hug. There's such a unity with the old guard. There was an alumni function going on and I gate crashed it for a while. Talked to Yoshihiro and told him I still think about his advice to slow down when making work. Talked to Yo. Saw a few other familiar faces but a lot of really unfamiliar ones. The new print lab is AMAZING! It's huge and has a bonafide drying rack. I got to boast about how good I got at emulsifying screens to Yoshi.

I departed after an hour (paid for parking for just an hour) and headed east to Madeline's new place. Nice little two story apartment/house thing with a joined backyard. We caught up, got pizza, and watched some Netflix and Shutter Island. Midnight rolled around and we went to bed.

My Thursday work shift was aight. Did some packing on site and dropped off things at the Goodwill drop off. Poss treated Jeremy and I to lunch and I went to the Bainbridge house to finish up work. Just did some research and cuddled poor Bodi.

Bodi got an extreme haircut. His ears are trimmed all down, as is his tail, and he is not happy about it. He isn't going outside, and he is giving Christa the cold shoulder. He leapt into my arms twice, and sat on my lap for about an hour. Christa called to him, but he didn't come. He just looked at her, looked sad, and went back to getting cuddles from me. Poor puppy.

In the evening I packed, and stayed up late wrapping my present, then I slept in a bit in the morning, packed up my way overpacked bag (like too many shirts but hey, variety) and headed south! Topped up the tank in Hoodsport. Listened to podcasts. Easy peasy.

Now to get brunch and do SOMETHING with this day, I don't know what just yet.

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