Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I finished drawing my east coast map, and in one of my little notebooks I gave each upcoming state its own page. I ordered them in the rough order in which I'll visit. I'll cut across Virginia and do West Virginia, then come back east for the coast once again. Then DC and Maryland and Delaware and New Jersey. New York too, but the coast part. Buffalo and Finger Lakes on the loop back. Some states have nothing on their page, and some have many high lights. Just have to Google and ask around. Tomorrow I head off for Asheville. I'm excited to be heading out again, and to be getting some more locations done. This was a rest rest in North Carolina. Easy driving, good food, company.

I stuck around the house today. Got ice for my car. My rear driver's tire was super low though. Like, 15. No reason why it should be that low. I'll check it in the morning (Stephen helped refill it) and if it is low again...well I guess it has a leak. The back tires are in need of replacement. But still. Whats up with that? Dad, I'll give you a call in the morning.

Erin and I went to Locopop and got yummy popsicles. I got the "mojito madness" which was minty and tasty and hit the spot on the hot day.

Dave, Stephen, and I went to Wimpy's and got burgers for breakfast/lunch. Tasty, tiny place, not elegant burgers. Mmm.

I spent a lot of time sitting doing computer stuff and working on my list. Organizing my contacts.

Dinner was a three course extravaganza. I didn't know it was three courses. But oh wow Stephen knows what is up with cooking. First up was this egg spinach frittata on this slice of eggplant with crumbs. Delicious. Then salad with avocado and celery. Very green and I had several plates, not aware there was a third course (like I said). Which was sort rib that has been marinating and rice with spinach stems sprinkled on top for presentation. Like seriously, damn good! I ate it all with relish.

Now it's late and I have more Orange is the New Black to watch, as well as some prep to do.

Here is hoping my tire is fine!

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