Sunday, June 15, 2014

on a porch at night in Durham

What a lovely relaxing day. It's nice to be with friends and to hang out. It seems like a nice place, Durham North Carolina.

Slept in a considerable amount and there were pancakes! Love pancakes! And I got to have a full proper shower and all that good stuff.

6/15/2014 11:10 am

I was starting to write but then I got super tired, so I retired to bed, watched a little Orange is the New Black, and fell asleep for 9 glorious hours.

So! Yesterday there were pancakes and morning conversations. Stephen played a guitar duet with the sounds of the washing machine going shugga shugga. He's such a talented musician! But that is known already. I think we met the second night I was in San Francisco, when I moved to look for work and saw Odd Owl play with their new band members. That was April 2012 I think. A lot has happened in two plus years, but there was a lull in the middle where Santa Cruz was getting me down, when I hoped it would be a place for me to be. But now I'm on the road seeing new places and just enjoying my own company and the company of rad cool people.

We met up with four (well five) rad people and drove down to Eno Beach. The other people were two couples ... whose names escape me now in the dawn of morning, but there was a baby in the bunch. Baby Josie was was just a few weeks younger than my journey has been. A well mannered baby that didn't cry and was sung to by Stephen with his ukulele. It was a nice stroll to the watering hole. I swam a bit and sat and drew Erin and soaked up the sun. We took a different route back, flatter but longer, and I talked with Josie's mum, who was very sweet. Everyone I met today was nice!

I rinsed off at home and then we went to a going away party for this guy named Nathan who was road tripping to Vermont in a week! Everyone is on a journey this year. Also at the party was a David a Dave and... more names I've forgotten. I used to be so good at names, I'm not putting forward the effort like I used to. Anyway, we all sat on the back porch and ate pasta salad and drank beer (except Erin of course) and they sang songs and Nathan played the cello and Dave played the violin and Stephen played the guitar and it was amazing! There was singing and improv and just a lovely flow of everything happening. And it's these kinds of nights one yerns for when on the road to anywhere. Random kind people and good times.

The neighborhood was nice. Just rolling hills and plenty of trees and cute houses all a bit different.

We returned not so late but then I got really tired. Today I'm going to meet up with Zahri (another online pal of mine) and we are going to hang out. Should be fun!

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